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Cortex EDI Claims Web Portal
NGS, WPS, CGS, Trailblazer, Palmetto, Notivas, NHIC, Cahaba GBA, Noridian, FCSO Network Service Vendor Click HERE to sign up!

Send your NGS, WPS, CGS, Trailblazer, Palmetto, Novitas, NHIC, Cahaba GBA, Noridian, First Coast Service Options Medicare claims over your high speed internet connection. No more modem connections!

  • Continue to use your exisiting software!
    Cortex EDI allows you to use your existing software (PC-ACE Pro32, EZClaim, QS/1, and others) to create your 837 Claims files.

  • ANSI National Version 5010 Ready!
    You can send 5010 claims files.

  • Quick and very easy to set up!
    You'll be up and running, and ready to send your claims in less than 5 minutes.

  • Download all the same reports that you used to get through the dial-up system.
    These include: 999, TRN, 277CA, Rpt, and 835 (Remittances) reports.

  • Remittances
    Download your remittance (835) files through our website. You can continue to use Medicare Remit Easy Print (or any other 835 program) to print your Electronic Remittances (EOBs).

  • All you need is a Web Browser.
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari - Any will do!

  • No more password resets.
    Your password will be reset automatically by Cortex EDI every 60 days, so you no longer need to worry about remembering a new password every 60 days!

  • Reports are kept forever.
    No more asking for a report to be reset for you. You can archive your own reports, and retrieve reports you have archived in the past.

  • Safe and secure!
    Your claim files are sent through 1024 bit SSL encryption through our secure website. The same goes for all the reports downloaded.

  • Instant responses!
    Immediately after uploading your claim files, you will receive a 999 and TRN report. And just minutes later, your 277CA is available too!

How much does the Cortex EDI Claims Web Portal - Network Service Vendor cost?

  • Most competitive pricing around - we will beat any competitor's price
    For one low monthly fee, you can send claims, and receive your reports and remittances. You can cancel this service at any time.

  • No upfront fees!
    No setup fees, no installation fees, no registration fees, no fees!

  • Call Cortex EDI for more details at (800) 485-5977 or email

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